Journalist Merrell’s heart-wrenching first novel draws on her knowledge of family systems (as revealed in the Accidental Bond: How Sibling Connections Influence Adult Relationships). In the coastal village of Sag Harbor, NY, Deborah and Chris Latham are resolute about having adopted, as an 18-month-old, a Romanian orphan named Michael. But after years of coping with Michael’s abudive and difficult behavior, they can no longer watch as his actions begin to affect the well-bing of their marriage and their older daughter, Caroline. The Lathams have to face a parent’s worst nightmare. Detailed prose and rich dialog shape this intricate story, which is comparable to the novels of Sue Miller and Chris Bohalian. This provocative book will make every reader think hard about the responsibilities of parenting and the complexities of marriage. A potential Oprah pick; recommended for all public libraries.
— Library Journal
— Wall Street Journal